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Fuorescent Magnetic Particle Testing


Defect indication after application of fluorescent water based magnetic particle suspension type LY 1500

       For magnetic particle testing the HELLING Company offers a complete line of fluorescent media in form of dry powders, liquid and dry concentrates and ready-to-use oilbased suspensions.
        The HELLING Dry Magnetic Powders excel in their high fluorescence coefficient, defined grain size distribution as well as purity and assure the indication of the finest defects.

     The liquid and dry concentrates for preparing of water-based magnetic particle suspensions contain all necessary wetting, antifoam and antirust agents. These concentrates are used also for testing of corrosion-sensitive parts. The usage of concentrates also lessens the shipping and storing costs significantly.

      The ready-to-use suspensionsare an ideal inspection material for testing at construction sites and mounting pads or for sampling inspection. The suspensions are based on colourless, odor-free, nonirritant, low-viscosity oils. The oils do not contain fluorescing components. Thus, brilliant indications at high contrast are achieved.

         Furthermore, the HELLING delivery program also includes aerosol systems (V.O.C.-free) for quick, handy and efficient magnetic particle testing, also under field conditions. The HELLING inspection media meet the requirements of ASME-Code Section V, ASTM E 709 and EN ISO 9934.