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Multi-Colour Magnetic Particle Testing



Defect indication after application of red water-suspended magnetic particles type MEF 515.

  Alongside the fluorescent testingmedia the HELLING product range includes diverse colour consumables like dry powders, concentrates and ready-to-use oilbased suspensions.
    Dry Magnetic Powders are noted for their bright colours, defined grain size distribution and purity. Thus they serve for reliable indication, yet on dark or polished surfaces.

     The dry concentrates forpreparation of water-based magnetic particle suspensions contain all wetting, antifoam and antirust agents needed. These concentrates are used for testing of corrosionsensitive parts. The application of concentrates also helps to cut down the shipping and storage costs significantly.

     The ready-to-use suspensions are an ideal inspection material for testing at construction sites and mounting pads or for sampling tests. The suspensions are based on colourless, odor-free, non-irritant and low-viscosity oils. Furthermore, the HELLING delivery program also includes aerosol systems (V.O.C.-free) for quick, handy and efficient magnetic particle testing, also in the field conditions. The HELLING inspection media meet the requirements of ASME-Code Sect. V, ASTM E 709 and EN ISO 9934.




Weld joint inspection on a bridge by use of BW 333 black magnetic particle suspension and NR 104 A white background paint.


The consumables in spray cans are used for quick, handy and efficient testing, also in test labs and under field conditions. The HELLING aerosol suspensions both oil-based and waterbased excel in their indicating ability and serve for detection of the finest cracks. Due to the economic consumption and ease of application they are an ideal material for testing on construction sites and mounting pads or for sampling inspection. The HELLING aerosol systems are V.O.C.-free and meet the requirements of ASME-Code, Sect. V, ASTM E 709 and EN ISO 9934.